mini braga DWT 2.0

The DWT is an innovative patented modular vertical cultivation system.

The DWT system occupies half of the commercial one with a diameter of 90mm and for this reason, with the same occupied space, it allows you to produce twice as many vegetables in your vertical cultivation system.

In fact, the DWT system inside is designed to guarantee a greater quantity of water available for the roots of the plants, thus favoring their growth speed.

The DWT system can be oriented at will and does not require gluing or gaskets, the interlocking between the various modules is simple and fast. You can also connect it to any 90mm fitting and pipe already on the market.

Thanks to the WALL-IN and DWT system In just 2 meters in height it grows more than 15 seedlings at the same time and with a density of 300 slots available for cultivation for every square meter of soil occupied.

All the advantages of the DWT 2.0 system: